Board of Management

Board of Management

About the Board

The Board sets the strategic direction, vision and values for the College and is responsible for all aspects of corporate governance.

The Board has 17 members, including two staff representatives, two student representatives and the Principal.  The Board has a 50:50 gender split.

The Board is committed to achieving the gender representation objective set out in the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 and the current gender representation is 50% men and 50 % women.

The Board meets 6 times per year and each of its 4 committees (Audit, Development, Finance and Resources and Human Resources) meets four time per year.

As well as attending meetings, Board members attend Graduation and award ceremonies.  Members also invited to student and staff conferences and events.

Guide to the role of Staff Members on the Board of Management

Guide to the role of Student Members on the Board of Management

The Board of Management of South Lanarkshire College is a charity registered in Scotland Registration number SC021181.