Emily Test Site Visit

We recently welcomed Fiona Drouet, mother of Emily Drouet to speak to college staff about the EmilyTest charity and Emily’s story

Emily Test is a Scottish charity working to improve prevention, intervention and support concerning gender-based violence (GBV) in further and higher education. The charity was created in 2016 following the death of undergraduate student, Emily Drouet, who took her own life, after being subjected to a campaign of Gender Based Violence from a fellow student.

EmilyTest is being funded by the Scottish Government to develop the first GBV Charter for colleges and universities. The Charter is a flexible framework, based on evidence, student and survivor voices and co-creation with staff, to help institutions start or improve their work in tackling GBV. It aims to set out both minimum standards and excellence in preventing GBV, responding effectively when it happens, and supporting everyone it affects.  South Lanarkshire College is proud to be one of the pilot institutions for the new Emily Test Gender Based Violence charter

Emily Drouet’s mother, Fiona Drouet MBE and CEO founder of the Emily Test charity visited South Lanarkshire College on Thursday 23 September with Erin Ross the EmilyTest Gender-based Violence Charter Development Manager to share Emily’s story and discuss the charter progress at South Lanarkshire College.  College staff including members of the Senior Leadership Team, Curriculum Managers, lecturers and support staff listened as Fiona told Emily’s story. Fiona gave details of the abuse Emily suffered prior to her death including coercive control, stalking and a hybrid of sexual, psychological, physical, verbal and digital violence.

Fiona said “Emily tried to get help, but her abuser remained in the same halls of residence where he was able to see her room from his window. Her room is where she should have felt safe.  On 17 March 2016, Emily took her own life just minutes after her abuser visited her room unannounced”

Fiona continued “The Emily Test charter was set up in Emily’s memory to lobby and campaign on GBV in student populations, to ensure Emily’s story is never repeated. We at EmilyTest are delighted to see the ongoing work at South Lanarkshire College in Gender Based Violence prevention, intervention and support and were delighted to chat with staff and discover that everyone is finding the charter a useful aid in mapping out and progressing with the EmilyTest aims.  We will work in collaboration with the South Lanarkshire College community and, in turn, lead the sector by example.”

South Lanarkshire College, Head of Student Services, Rose Harkness Said “At South Lanarkshire College we operate a zero-tolerance approach to all instances of gender-based violence. To date we have been incredibly proactive in undertaking work in this area to create a safe college environment for all our staff and students. We are delighted to be a pilot institution for the EmilyTest charter and are in awe of the ground-breaking work of Fiona and her Team.  We absolutely share Fiona and EmilyTest’s passion to ensure every student thrives on their college journey, without fear of Gender Based Violence”.