HNC Events:
Nicole's Story

Studying HNC Events was the logical choice for SLC student Nicole Murdoch, Nicole had been out of education for 13 years and felt nervous at the prospect of beginning again. Nicole had already started a career in the events industry prior to applying for the course.

Nicole said “I fell into the course by accident as I applied to help my business grow, I’d started my business Click ‘n’ Candy (a wedding party and entertainment business) in 2019.  My business offered options for customers to hire out a candy cart, magic selfie mirror, Prosecco wall or donut wall for weddings and events

Although I was enjoying growing my business” Nicole continued, “ when the pandemic hit, I knew I was missing something and I couldn’t think what it was, I decided to apply for College and I’m so glad I did, because College made me realise that I was missing a key element in my day to day life, which was passion for my job.  I wanted to love what I did each day and College has helped me do that. Along with my studies and events business, I was also a full-time keyworker in the care sector.  Life was busy but learning more about the events industry increased my passion for the area and made me certain that this is where my future career lies!”

Nicole laughs  “Don’t get me wrong” she says, “it’s not been easy. I’ve had to learn to study from home; balance my full-time care sector job and a full-time College course during a pandemic, and it’s been difficult.  I can’t remember the last time I had a day off from looking at my laptop.  However, I really believe it’s all been worth it.  The subjects I am learning are varied and I love units such as PR, as they let me engage with the other students on the course”

Nicole continues “At the start of 2021, my College lecturer sourced mentors for all the students in the class; my mentor has been great, they’ve opened doors and pushed me to truly be my best. I was encouraged to sign up to networking events and various courses to help get my name established in the events industry”

Nicole concluded, “Juggling college life, a full-time job and running a business has been more difficult than I ever imagined, there have been tears, tantrums and struggles but I’m beyond proud of all that I’ve achieved in the last year. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’m now networking with people in the events industry.   As a result of the skills I’ve learned on the HNC Events programme, I am now really looking forward to summer 2021 as I have secured an event job with G4S after smashing an interview with them due to my new found self-confidence”.

Nicole will complete her HND in Events Management when the course commences in August 2021.

Congratulations Nicole and good luck this summer!