Lead 50/50 Awards 2021

South Lanarkshire College has been shortlisted as a finalist at the Lead 50/50 awards, in the Executive Leadership category.

The award recognises organisations which have at least 50% female leadership at executive level.

The award has been created to ensure gender equality, as whilst women make up 40% of the global workforce, only about 5% are CEOs. At South Lanarkshire College, 56% of our Senior Leadership Team are female, our Principal and CEO, Aileen McKechnie is a woman and she’s supported by her female colleague, Stella McManus in the Depute Principal role.  Two out of three of our Associate Principals, our Head of Student Services and our Head of IT and MIS are also women.

Gender equality is visible right across the organisation in our senior leadership and college management roles as our Head of HR, our Finance Director and our Head of Facilities are all men.

South Lanarkshire College, Head of Human Resources, Gary McIntosh said: “At South Lanarkshire College, we know that equality and diversity make us a better organisation, a better employer and better able to deliver on our strategic objectives.  We’re extremely proud to say that we’ve achieved a split of 56% women to 44% men on the College’s Senior Leadership Team.   

At South Lanarkshire College our absolute commitment to supporting all equality strands, including gender equality, has made a significant difference to our growth, our recruitment of staff and students, our innovation and our vision for the future, ensuring that we remain as one of Scotland’s top performing colleges for student success consistently year-on-year”

Aileen McKechnie, South Lanarkshire Principal and CEO  said “Equality and diversity sit at the very heart of our core values here at South Lanarkshire College and we have introduced a wide range of policies and procedures that support us as a truly diverse and inclusive employer.  The value of workplace and workforce diversity is recognised across all organisational research and we are absolutely committed to securing a gender equal workforce; to supporting an inclusive employee journey from recruitment through to retirement; and to managing our diverse talent to ongoing success.  Fairness, equity and equality are vital to our students, our staff and to our wider College community – and absolutely critical to our ongoing success as an education provider.  We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Lead 50/50 awards and look forward to attending the Virtual awards ceremony when it takes place on Thursday 28 October”.