ITA Scheme Re-open 27 June

ITA Scheme Re-open 27 June

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)  has confirmed the Individual Training Account scheme (ITA) re-opened to new applications from 27 June 2019.

SDS will accept up to 15,000 applications for funding from this date until 30 September 2019. The scheme will be put on hold when the target of 15,000 is met or by 30 September, whichever comes first.

All applications made within this phase will be honoured provided they are verified within four weeks. Any applications not verified as being eligible for funding and converted to an assignment within four weeks will be deleted from the system and individuals will need to apply again, provided the 15,000 target has not been met by that point. 

Please visit the SDS website for more information about ITA funding. Click on the information button below:

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