College Covid Testing

We are delighted to announce that all staff and students visiting our campus are now eligible for free lateral flow Covid testing kits. An email has now been sent to all staff and students but all details can also be found below.

The Self-Test kits are ONLY for those staff and students who are scheduled to be on-campus and one pack per person will be provided (a pack will last three weeks with two tests per week).

To request a pack please complete the consent form below. Your lecturer or line manager will then provide you with the testing kit in your class/ workroom within the next 48 hours.

Covid-19 testing consent form 

Do not come onto the College campus unless you have been asked to do so by your lecturer. Please also bear in mind that COVID restrictions (mandatory face-coverings and 2 metre social distancing) remain in place in our buildings and we ask that you abide by these restrictions.

This is a Home Test Kit. For undertaking the test, there is a ‘how to’ video available here:

Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing – YouTube

Please do not undertake the test on the College premises but perform the test once you have returned home. Please also remember to dispose of the used kit in an appropriate manner.

While this testing is not mandatory, we would urge our staff and students, for their own safety and that of their families and the College community, to undertake the tests as instructed. This will help stop the spread of the COVID19 virus.

If you have any concerns regarding the testing process please contact

Please find the links to the privacy notice here:

Covid testing privacy notice