• Paint your wheelie bins during the Easter holidays!

• Have an indoor picnic (on the living room floor) or in the garden (if you keep a safe distance from your neighbours).

• Pick your favourite shape and find things of that shape in the house and/or garden.

• Scavenger hunt for things relating to Spring. Or create an indoor scavenger hunt and ask the kids to find a list of things in the house i.e. something tiny, something blue…

• Have a dance party to your favourite tunes.

• Teach children how to make simple foods i.e. toast and tea; pancakes.

• Get the children to write a daily journal about what they’ve been doing.

• Drawing/colouring competitions.

• Movie time – make a home movie night like a cinema experience (make tickets!)

• Let the children give you a ‘makeover’.

• Ask the children to write stories.

• Hide sweets, toys, fruit, or even just an everyday object in the garden, or round the house for an old fashioned Hunt the Thimble!

• Help your children create a new school, with school logo that they can design and name themselves and maybe even choose a ‘new’ school uniform.

• Create a time capsule with memories they have from this time, cuttings from newspapers, websites etc.Include a letter talking about their favourite toys to play with etc.

• Children could keep a diary/journal each day of what they’ve been up to.

• Create a life size drawing, either in the garden or inside, with all their unique info – height, feet size etc.

• If the supermarket has packets of seeds (flowers/tomatoes), children could plant them and look after them and watch them grow.

• Create rainbows for the window and put bears in the window for children doing bear hunts.

• For younger children – teach them how to tell the time and tie their shoe laces.

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