We acknowledge that many of our students, in addition to their studies, must manage the daily demands of caring for a friend or relative. A carer is someone of any age who looks after or provides support for a family member or friend who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction cannot cope without their support. This support can be paid or unpaid. As part of our commitment to removing barriers for students with caring responsibilities, we aim to provide a culture and environment which is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all our students. To this end, we have developed a Student Carers Policy and Student Carer Support Plan, which outlines the support available:

Student Carers Policy
Carer Support Plan
SLC Statement of Intent – Supporting our Student Carers
Supporting our Student Carers – Action Plan

All student carers will have a named staff contact, the Guidance and Support Advisor, who is based within Student Services. To get in touch with the Guidance and Support Advisor you can email or phone 01355 807406.

If you would like further information on the support available to you as a student carer, you can also visit the Advice Centre to speak with a member of the Student Services team or self-refer by signing into the Student Portal and clicking on the ‘Carer’ button. This will automatically generate a message to the Guidance and Support Advisor and they’ll be in contact to discuss the support available before, during and after College.

The tailored 1:1 support you will receive from the Guidance and Support Advisor will include:

• Discussing course options and assistance with completing the application and personal statement.
• Offering you a visit to see the facilities to help with orientation.
• Provide guidance and advice on funding, childcare, discretionary, accommodation and travel.
• Introduce you to the Learning Development team, if necessary.
• Help you access additional support services, such as in-house counselling, pastoral support or mental health services.
• Meet with you regularly and provide ongoing support.
• Discuss how you are progressing with your studies and offer support towards your next steps after College.

Going Further for Student Carers: Recognition Award

In addition to the support already provided to students with caring responsibilities, we are absolutely delighted to be working towards the Going Further for Student Carers: Recognition Award. Launched by the Carers Trust in March 2019 we are looking forward to working on this award by reviewing and building upon the support already provided to student carers throughout the College.

As part of this ongoing support we currently have an excellent working partnership with the South Lanarkshire Carers Network who visit the College on a monthly basis and deliver specialised guidance and support for our student carers. They provide a visible presence in our Ground Floor Atrium to help raise awareness of students with caring responsibilities and an opportunity to discuss the different resources available to them in the community.


Lanarkshire Carers Centre
Lanarkshire Carers Centre provides a number of support services to carers in the Lanarkshire areas such as one-to-one Carer Support, Carer Support Groups, Care Talk and also tailored support for Young Adult Carers aged between 18-25.

Phone: 01698 428090

Carers Trust Scotland
Carers Trust Scotland is the largest provider of comprehensive carer support services in Scotland. They reach approximately 30,000 adult carers and 2,400 young carers from all groups and communities, through a unique network of independent carers centres and young carers services throughout Scotland.

Phone: 0300 772 7701

South Lanarkshire Carers Network
South Lanarkshire Carers Network (SLCN) are based in Hamilton and have been working to support carers since 1998. Their mission is to empower carers with knowledge and information that will allow them to make informed choices about available services.

Phone: 01698 285163

East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group
East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group was formed in 1990 and provides care and support to both people living with dementia and their carers. They provide Carers Support Group meetings, Daycare services, forums, trips and many other support services.

Phone: 01355 244123