Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Your Commitment

We expect every student to respect other people within the college and to respect the College buildings, the surrounding environment and resources. We expect honesty, integrity in your work and behaviour.

On signing the enrolment form, you agree to follow the Student code of Conduct and to adhere to the College’s rules and regulations.

1.    Personal Property
2.    Student ID Cards
3.    Damage to College Property
4.    Resource Centre
5.    Use of Mobile Phones and Personal Music Players
6.    Equal Opportunities
7.    Use of Social Networking Media
8.    Unauthorised Software / Internet Access
9.    Copyright
10.    Assessment Offences: Copying, Plagiarism, Collusion and Cheating
11.    Smoking and Vaping
12.    Alcohol
13.    Gambling
14.    Car Parking
15.    Litter
16.    Disciplinary Procedures and Appeals

Personal Property

You should take care of your personal property. The College cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to clothing or other personal property sustained on College premises. Similarly, the College cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to a vehicle or its contents while parked within the College grounds.

Student ID Cards

You will be issued with a College identification card which you must bring with you every time you attend. In addition to being an ID card, the card is required to access and exit the campus by vehicle, to access and exit teaching areas within the building, for attendance recording, and for borrowing or use of resources in the Library and Learning Centre. If you lose this card, a replacement will cost £5.

Damage to College Property

You will be held responsible for wilful action which places any person in danger or causes damage to College property, including interfering with fire equipment, fire doors or fire alarms and you will be required to pay for any damages so caused.

Resource Centre

You should never disturb others when using the Learner Resource Centre, Advice Centre or other College resources. Eating in these areas is prohibited although you may consume a cold or hot drink with a secure lid. Particular resource areas, such as computer rooms and workshops may have specific regulations which must be followed.

Use of Mobile Phones and Personal Music Players

Mobile phones and personal music players must be switched off in classrooms and all working areas unless required for the class and authorised by staff. You should ensure that their use in other public areas does not disturb others.

Equal Opportunities

The college is committed to advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not. Our policy prohibits any form of discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation directly or indirectly related to an individual’s age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or marriage or civil partnership status. For example, the following types of behaviour will not be tolerated:

  • Use of intimidating language that is sectarian, sexist, racist, ageist or homophobic
  • Unwelcome sexual remarks, wolf-whistling, jokes, innuendo or teasing
  • Display of pin-ups, pornographic photos, offensive material or graffiti
  • Unwelcome physical contact
  • Transmission of offensive materials, photographs or statements via electronic means e.g. texting or social networking media or through the post
  • Undignified or less favourable treatment, ridicule or exclusion
  • Misuse of power or position intentionally to intimidate or belittle
  • Victimisation or less favourable treatment of someone who has brought proceedings, given evidence of or complained about harassment or discrimination

Members of staff are bound under the College’s Equal Opportunities Policy to challenge unacceptable language, behaviour or attitudes. We will investigate all allegations of such behaviour and take appropriate action if these are substantiated.

Use of Social Networking Media

Without the express permission of the Lecturer in charge, social networking media may not be accessed in class. Any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment through social networking media, including personal comments or photographs posted on, for example, Yammer, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, will not be tolerated. All reported instances of cyberbullying will be investigated and disciplinary action taken against any student involved.

Unauthorised Software / Internet Access

You are prohibited from using illegal software on any of the College’s computing systems. All users of College computing facilities, including Internet access, must adhere to the acceptable use policy.


The college adheres strictly to legislation and regulations governing copyright. No one shall infringe the copyright of printed or other materials. You should read the copyright information notices posted in the Library / Resource Centre. Advice on copyright is also available from the College Library Advisors and other members of staff.

Malpractice/Maladministration in Assessment: Copying, Plagiarism, Collusion and Cheating

The College expects you to comply fully with the Malpractice and Maladministration in Internal Assessment Policy and Procedures by acting with honesty and integrity in the submission of all assignments, assessments and examinations. You should take note of the College’s guidance on Malpractice and Maladministration in Internal Assessment on the College website and related disciplinary procedures. The College uses the software Turnitin to allow us to identify any instances of plagiarism.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping is prohibited in all parts of the College except in the designated external smoking area. This shelter is the only place on College grounds where you may smoke or vape.

Intoxicating liquor, illegal drugs, hazardous substances or offensive weapons

You must not bring alcohol, intoxicating liquor, drugs, hazardous substances or offensive weapons into the College or its surrounding. Furthermore, students are prohibited from attending College whilst under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.


Gambling is prohibited in the College and its surroundings.

Car Parking

We welcome responsible and safe drivers. Drivers are respectfully advised that they must follow some basic and undemanding rules:

  • Observe the 10mph speed limit
  • Only park in the marked parking bays
  • Pay attention to pedestrians and give them right of way
  • Do not park on pavements – they are not designed to carry the weight of a car or van

If you do not follow the above guidelines, the College reserves the right to exclude your vehicle from the car park.


The Atrium seating areas are self-clearing and litter should be put in the bins provided. Chewing gum should be put in the bin, not on the ground nor under the furniture. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for the environment. Spitting is strictly prohibited.

Disciplinary Procedures

In most cases when a student breaches the Student Code of Conduct, the Guidance Tutor will discuss the required standards with the student. However, it may lead to a formal disciplinary process and, depending on the nature and severity of the breach, this could result in a verbal, written or final warning being issued. It might also result in temporary or permanent exclusion from College.

The outcome of any disciplinary action will be communicated in writing and recorded on the student’s record. In some circumstances, it may be reported to his/her employer or parent. In the exceptional circumstances of a suspected breach of law, the College reserves the right to involve the local police in addition to operating the College’s own disciplinary procedure. In addition, the College may institute proceedings which will require the student to pay for deliberate damage.

No student will be formally disciplined without being given the opportunity of hearing the complaint(s) made against him or her, providing an explanation and presenting a case in his/her defence.

Appeals (Disciplinary Procedures)

Any student being disciplined for a breach of the Student code of Conduct, College Rules and Regulations, Health and Safety or Academic Matters will be issued with a copy of the Disciplinary Procedures including information on how to appeal.