Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Terms and Conditions

1 As a condition of enrolment, all Students must abide by and adhere to South Lanarkshire College’s procedures and regulations as listed in the Student Handbook/Diary and as amended from time to time.

2 The College prospectus is a general guide for those entering the College in the academic year indicated on the cover. Every effort is made to ensure that the contents and course descriptions are up-to-date and accurate at the time of publication

3 All reasonable steps will be taken to deliver courses as outlined in the College prospectus. However unforeseen matters, including financial constraints and the number of students enrolling on a particular course, may affect the ability of the College to deliver courses in accordance with their descriptions. The College therefore reserves the right to vary the course content or method of delivery, to discontinue courses, to merge or combine courses, or to restrict student numbers if such action is considered necessary and reasonable.

4 The College reserves the right to make changes without prior notice and any course or class may be merged or withdrawn at the sole discretion of the College. Such changes may occur before or after enrolment.

5 No Student may attend classes without enrolling.

6 Students have a primary responsibility for the payment of fees for their course of study. Where the fees are paid on the Student’s behalf (eg by Bursary, SAAS or employer), the Student has a responsibility to make arrangements for the payment. If the third party does not pay on the Student’s behalf, the Student will be liable for the outstanding balance.

7 All fees and financial liabilities (including hardship loans) must be paid before the College will process results and arrange certification.

8 It is College policy that the intellectual property rights to any original work created by Students as part of their course will automatically pass to the College.

9 The College is registered under the Data Protection Act (DPA) (1998) to hold personal data, including sensitive data, on its students and those making course enquiries. The College will only use data in line with the requirements of the DPA The data will be disclosed for purposes of student registration and certification and sensitive data will only be disclosed with the student’s consent.

10 All students are advised to obtain insurance for their own property. The College cannot accept responsibility or liability for loss or damage (including the transfer of computer viruses to students’ equipment) to students’ property whether on the College premises or in the College car parks.

11 It is the Student’s responsibility to inform the College of any change in the Student’s name or address.

12 All contracts with the College are subject to these Terms and Conditions. A full statement of terms and conditions is available on request at enrolment.