Cycle Support

Cycle Support

Affordable Bikes

There are some great providers of good-quality refurbished bikes at affordable prices near to the College. These include:

Camglen Bike Town (Healthy N Happy)
Bike for Good

For a map of locations where you can get refurbished bikes look here.

The Bike User Group (BUG)

The group is there so cyclists can socialise and provide each other with advice and support.

The BUG is affiliated with Cycling UK as a community cycle club and you can find the group on yammer.

The ‘Pop-Up’ Cycle Hub

We host a weekly cycle hub. This is a great space for staff and students to get advice, support and cycling resources. The campus cycling officer will be at the hub and is more than happy to give you pointers on route planning and safe cycling. The hub also has great resources and cycle accessories to give out- including reflective bands, puncture-repair kits and bells!

The hub takes place every week on a Thursday from 11:30 am- 1 pm. It moves around campus to try and reach as many people as possible.

Bike Maintenance

Sustrans provides great advice on the basic checks you can do to ensure your bike is in good working order and is safe to ride, these are available here.

Or you can watch the M-check video here.

They also provide advice on puncture repair with this handy video here.

And advice on how to clean your bike here.

Keeping Your Bike Safe and Secure

Always lock your bike securely, you can watch the video on how to do that here.

Park your bike on a busy well-lit street and don’t park it in the same spot every day to prevent it being spotted by thieves.

Keep your accessories safe. Lots of the accessories that you have for your bike are valuable and can be vulnerable to thieves. Take your lights and panniers with you when you park your bike, and if you have an expensive saddle consider taking that too.

Consider Insurance. It may be that your home insurance policy covers your bike automatically or it could be something you have to add as an extra. Check what supporting information your insurer might need to support a claim (i.e. purchase receipt, frame number, a photo of the bike).

Mark your bike with a police-approved marking kit on bike register to act as a deterrent to thefts. More info on how to do so is available at: