Low Carbon House Project

Low Carbon House Project

Aurora Low Carbon House Partnership

The low-energy, low-carbon house‘Aurora’ is the result of a successful and unique partnership between South Lanarkshire College, Dawn Homes and more than 50 private sector partners. It showcases the low-energy technologies and high insulation levels capable of reducing energy use and energy bills to zero while contributing towards challenging government targets to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.  For a full list of sponsors, please use the link on the right.

Training Facility

The low-energy house exceeds building standards requirements for all new housing will require to be “net-zero-carbon.

It leads the way as a blueprint for eco-friendly house construction and will provide a unique training facility in the UK to teach students the principles behind low-energy buildings.

The house is one of very few to be built that easily achieves the highest possible energy performance rating – an “A” rating. Currently most older housing achieves a “D” rating and even most new housing usually achieves a “C” rating. It is expected that with the technologies embedded in the design, this particular house may actually generate more electricity than it consumes. So, in addition to potential energy savings of up to £1800 per year, the owner of a house like this could receive a net income by selling electricity to the national grid!