Business Students’ Comments

Business Students’ Comments

We asked some of our students to let us know what they think about their time at South Lanarkshire College

Here are some of their comments:

Steven Murray – HND Student

“At 27 I was having trouble holding down a job and decided to get some qualifications.  I thought I was going to be out of place but it’s been a great experience. I never imagined I’d go to university but I’ve been given great guidance and support and feel confident about going straight into third year to finish my degree.  I can’t thank the lecturers enough for everything they’e done for me.”

Angela Newlands & Carol Hannah – HNC Students

“Prior to attending SLC we thought our brains could only process housework to the sound of children’s voices.  Now our brains process computing facts and listen to adult voices.  Something we thought we would never do . . . but we have!!  And we recommend others try it too.”

Michaela Lithgow – HND Hospitality Management

“I already have a business degree, so this was a real career change.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the practical work in the College training restaurant and I’ve participated in national competitions and international exchange programmes.  I already have the offer of a job in London which I plan to take up for a short time before I open my own restaurant.”

P.S Look out for more testimonies coming soon!