Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Introduction to Freedom of Information (FoI)

Under section 23 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, South Lanarkshire College has a duty to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to make available information which is in the public interest with regard to the services provided by the College, the standards attained and the reasons for decisions made by the College. In fulfilling its responsibilities the College is fully committed to openness, transparency and the public interest in Further Education.

This section covers general information about how to make contact with the institution. It includes information about how to complain about the institution, and how to serve formal documents on it. It is aimed at providing very general information for the public. More detailed information will be provided in other sections.

FoI Contact

Enquiries about this service should be made to:

FOI Office

South Lanarksire College East Kilbride
College Way, East Kilbride G75 0NE
Tel: 01355 807780

Name, address & location

South Lanarkshire College East Kilbride,
College Way, East Kilbride G75 0NE

Principal Officers

Chair – Jane McCartney
Vice-Chair – John Gallacher
Clerk to Board – Angela Martin

Principal – Stewart McKillop
Depute Principal – Angus Allan
Associate Principals (Heads of Faculty):
Business – Alison Chambers
Care – Myra Armstrong
Construction – James Martin

Head of Alternative Funding – Anne Doherty
Head of Facilities – Craig Ferguson
Head of Finance – Keith McAllister
Head of Human Resources – Lisa Beresford
Head of Student Services – Rose Harkness

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 0845 – 1630 excluding public holidays

Academic year dates & holidays

College calendar indicates the institution’s academic year, and holiday and term dates and is published on the website.


Any complaints should follow the procedure outlined in the complaints policy and procedures contained in the student handbook and on the website.

Document serving

Official documents to be served on the College should be addressed to:
Angela Martin, Clerk to the Board


1. The College
2. Publication Scheme
3. Responsibilities and Contacts
4. Exemptions
5. Copyright
6. Accessing information under the Publication Scheme
7. Charging Policy
8. Complaints
9. Feedback

The College

South Lanarkshire College is an independent College incorporated under the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 1992, funded primarily by the Scottish Funding Council. The College provides a wide range of vocational education in partnership with Industry, other education providers, public agencies and the voluntary sector. Courses are open to members of the public in a diverse range of subjects from basic to advanced level study over a variety of modes of attendance.

The College is directed by a Board of Management including the College Principal who acts as Chief Executive Officer. Course provision is made through three Academic Faculties supported by Student Services and other support functions.

The publication scheme

This Model Publication Scheme was produced and approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner on 29 March 2016.

Responsibilities and contacts

The overall running of the model publication scheme is the responsibility of:
Stewart McKillop, College Principal

Day-to-day responsibility for running the scheme lies with:
Angus Allan, Depute Principal


Information may be withheld from any of the classes of information listed below where we consider that disclosure may seriously prejudice law enforcement, legal proceedings or our regulatory or enforcement activity or where the disclosure is otherwise prohibited by law. We may also withhold information if its disclosure would breach the law of confidentiality or seriously prejudice the commercial interests of any person or organisation, including statistical information in cases where small numbers may allow the identification of individuals. We may also withhold information which is personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998.


Information obtained from this publication scheme can be copied or reproduced without formal permission provided it is copied or reproduced accurately, is not used in a misleading context and provided that the source of the material is identified and the copyright status acknowledged. Where the copyright holder is a third party the consent of the third party requires to be sought before the information obtained under the publication scheme is copied.

Accessing information under the publication scheme

Where information under the scheme is available in electronic format it may be accessed online. In certain circumstances where hard copy is provided, there may be charges for production of this. If copies of the information requested cannot be provided for reasons of security, inspection can be arranged on College premises by appointment during normal office hours. Requests for information under the publication scheme may be made by telephone, post and e-mail.

All enquiries must be directed to:
Freedom of Information Office, South Lanarkshire College, College Way, East Kilbride G75 0NE. Email:

In order to process a request the College will require the following details: name and address, telephone number or e-mail address, description of the information required.

If you have a disability and require assistance with making your request, please contact:
Elaine Rodger, Depute Head of Faculty Business Email:

If you require information to be provided in a different format (eg under the Disability Discrimination Act) please make this clear on your request for information.

The College will aim to provide information within 20 days. Where information is requested in specialist format this may take a little longer to allow for production time.

Charging Policy

Information currently available in electronic format and stock publications will be free of charge. Where copying in excess of 50 pages is required a charge of £0.02 per page will be levied on excess copies. Postage will be charged in excess of £2.00 per request. All charges will be invoiced with dispatch and must be paid within 30 days.

Full details of specific charges are included in the Fees column of the Publication Scheme.


Any complaints about the publication scheme should be addressed to Angela Martin, Clerk to the Board of Management


In reviewing the operation of its Publication Scheme, the College will periodically elicit the views of individuals who have made use of the scheme. This will be carried out using an anonymous questionnaire.