Gender Equality

Gender Equality

South Lanarkshire College recognises that it should as a good employer and under the Gender Equality Duty (GED) strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination that are unlawful under the Equality Act 2010 and formerly under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, specifically:

Direct and indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation on grounds of sex, pregnancy and maternity leave, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status.

When this document refers to discrimination on the grounds of sex it refers to all the interpretations of sex discrimination as outlined above.

As part of its ongoing commitment to equality and diversity, the College plans to consolidate current initiatives and develop further initiatives in this area, including:

An ongoing commitment to equality of opportunity in all teaching and learning
The continued use of non-stereotypical images in marketing materials
The further development of the Equality Group
Targeted staff development programmes and initiatives
Newsletter equality information
Equal Opportunities Policies
Family friendly policies and support
Investors in Diversity
Management Charter
Annual equality week

This Gender Equality scheme will support the College as it strives to meet the requirement to promote gender equality and eliminate sex discrimination through the action plan which sets out its aims for the coming three years.

The College recognises that the Gender Equality Duty requires a pro-active approach to mainstreaming gender equality and promotion of equality into all decisions and activities. The scheme and corresponding Action Plan will consolidate on previous achievements and identify new actions for the College to continually move forwards towards the main duties of the Gender Equality Duty which are:

To eliminate unlawful discrimination
To eliminate gender related harassment
To promote gender equality
To take steps to ensure that information is gathered on the effect of its policies and practices on men and women
To consult relevant employees, learners and other stakeholders on the impact of its current and future policies and practices on gender equality.

The College will also take steps to promote equality and will consider the need to take positive action, where monitoring highlights an imbalance, to increase numbers of women or men in male-dominated areas and vice-versa.

It is intended that the good practice within the scheme will link through to all other important College documents and strategies such as the Student Charter, Quality Manual, Policies and Strategic and Operational Plans, informed by Impact Assessments and other quantitative and qualitative data. Equality and diversity are already part of College’s strategic values and form part of the planning process and there is are rolling programmes of staff development in equality and diversity as well as significant equality and diversity training sessions.

Progress against actions will be monitored and outcomes fed through the Equality Group. The Equality Group is chaired by the Principal.

As at 1 June 2010
Current staffing statistics indicate that 41.46% (FTE) of the College’s current workforce are male, and 58.54% (FTE) are female. In headcount terms, South Lanarkshire College employs 33.61% male staff and 66.39% female staff. The College Management Team comprises 64.3% female staff and 35.7% male staff, and the Senior Management Team comprises 60% male staff and 40% female staff.

We are aware that there are lower numbers of male students on some of our Care courses and that there are lower numbers of females on our Construction courses. We continue to pro-actively recruit students to these identified areas through directed promotional activities, guidance regarding possible career choices, and marketing and publicity materials.

We have an Equal Opportunity Code of Practice for staff and for students. We promote equality and diversity to staff and students during a dedicated annual equality and diversity week, as well as through our daily work.

We plan to increase our understanding of our performance in relation to gender and identify any areas for improvement. We plan to continue our focus on training staff to ensure staff awareness of the College’s commitment to gender equality. The Human Resources department will continue to work to support all staff whatever their support needs are.

In order to create a working and learning environment which is inclusive, all materials which are produced for learners and staff including marketing materials will portray non-stereotypical images of men and women.

The College will seek to eliminate unlawful harassment and promote equality of opportunity for staff or students who intend to undergo, are undergoing or have undergone gender reassignment.

Values & Principles

The College celebrates and values the diversity brought to the organisation by individuals and believes that the College benefits from employing both women and men at all levels of responsibility and across all areas of work. We believe that this is important to provide role models for both female and male students in whatever area of the curriculum they are interested in. The College believes in treating all employees, students and stakeholders with respect and dignity. We seek to provide a positive environment for work and study free from sex discrimination, harassment or victimisation. Our Student Charter clearly states that we believe in equality of opportunity.

Our Ethos

We believe in:

Continual improvement
Continuing professional development
Equality and diversity
Employment-focused activity
High achievement
Productive partnerships

The College intends this scheme as a vehicle to continue to embed equality and diversity into the heart of everything it does. We believe that in doing so we will provide an environment that will help us to reach our strategic goals.