Access & Inclusion

Access & Inclusion

Our Access & Inclusion Strategy outlines the continuing steps we have taken and will continue to take to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring equalities remains an integral part of College life. We’re also committed to regularly reviewing and refocusing our priorities to ensure that we continue to make progress in this key area.

We strive to ensure that there are no barriers to entitlement or success at South Lanarkshire College. We positively influence attitudes in the promotion of Access & Inclusion, supporting people in gaining access to education, employment and services provided by the College, free from any form of bias or difficulties.  As part of this commitment our Access & Inclusion Strategy highlights initiatives taking place within the College to support priority groups such as students with caring responsibilities and care experienced students.

We look forward to further progressing the aims of The Equality Act 2010, and to continuing to ensure Access & Inclusion are firmly embedded into all functions at the College.

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