Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Scottish Funding Council Key Performance Indicator Report

The 2018-19 KPI Report for South Lanarkshire College was published by the Scottish Funding Council on 28th of January 2020

South Lanarkshire College achieves best set of results in the Sector as achievement and enrolment hit record high.

College performance indicators, published by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) on 28th January 2020, show that South Lanarkshire College has the best overall results in the sector, with attainment rates at a record, five-year high and well above national averages in all key categories. The College has also provided opportunities for learning to more students than ever before, exceeding our government target for enrolments.

Students on full-time, Higher Education courses, such as Higher National Certificates and Diplomas, have performed particularly well – with attainment rates of 75% – the highest in of any of the 26 colleges in Scotland, considerably higher than the national average of 69.8% and the making us the only college to exceed the Scottish Funding Council’s national target of 74.4% success.

At 72%, the attainment rates for students studying on Further Education, full-time courses are also at record-high levels and significantly higher than the national average of 65.2%.

One of our priorities is to provide equality of opportunity and equity of outcomes.  Our attainment rates for students from the most deprived postcode areas (SIMD10 and SIMD20) and from minority ethnic backgrounds are the highest of any college in Scotland. Students from SIMD10 areas have attainment rates of 74.6% and students from SIMD20 areas have attainment rates of 73.7%. Learners from minority ethnic backgrounds have attainment rates of 80.2%.

Similarly, our care-experienced students have the second-highest attainment rates in the country, at 67.3% and students with a disability have the third-highest attainment rates in the country, at 72.5%.


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