Spanish for Beginners
April 2017

Why learn Spanish??

Spain is still the UK’s premier holiday destination and with over 329 million native speakers Spanish ranks as the world’s number 2 language.  Learning a second language can open doors in your career, it can improve your first language skills and it’ll make life a lot easier when speaking to the locals on holiday.  The question then is why wouldn’t you learn Spanish?

We’ve got a great Spanish for beginners Level 1 course starting in April 2017, this 8 week evening course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to hold a basic conversation in Spanish.  To get the most out of the course you’ll require access to a Spanish-English dictionary (online or hard copy)  but no previous experience is necessary.  Click here to find out more and secure your place.

If you’ve got a basic knowledge of Spanish and you’re looking to develop you’re language skills we also have a Spanish beginners Level 2 starting in April.  This 8 week course will look to increase your vocabulary range, touch on grammar and appropriate use of tenses and improve conversational and listening skills in the language.  To find out more about the Level 2 course and apply click here.