Grow a Career in Horticulture

With an average £2 billion a year being spent on plants and gardening products, there’s never been a better time to kickstart a career in the horticulture industry. Plant nurseries, garden centres, supermarkets, landscapers and contractors are opening across the country and gardening is proving to be a popular hobby for many.  To keep up with deman in this ever growing area we’ve adapted a series of  courses designed to provide students with a bright start to a future career in gardening..

Our August 17 Horticulture courses are available on three levels from Royal Caledonian Certificate to SQA Level 5.

Units include:

•Gardening skills
•Planting & maintenance
•Landscape construction
•Plant nutrition

Our Horticulture courses are suitable for school leavers and those currently working or looking to work in horticulture occupations.

If you’ve green fingers or a business mind Horticulture could be the course for you…

Now is your Time to Grow your future

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Royal Caldedonian Certificate

Horticulture Level 4

Horticulture Level 5