Bursary & EMA Payments

Bursary & EMA Payments


You should bring your student ID card every time you attend college as you should swipe your card to record your attendance in class. If you lose your card, a replacement card should be purchased. If you have simply forgotten your card one day, you must speak to your class lecturer to ensure that your attendance has been manually recorded.

It is recommended that you check your attendance weekly on the student web portal to ensure that the correct attendance, authorised absence, directed study or no timetabled class has been recorded in your attendance record.

If you notice any discrepancy, it is important that you speak to your lecturer immediately or it may not be possible to amend your attendance record at a later date.


If you are in receipt of Bursary or EMA and you have been absent from class, you must submit a medical certificate in the drop box in the Advice Centre or record a self-certificate online. You are allowed two self-certificates in any Teaching Block (see schedule of payment periods below) and no more than 5 self-certificates over a full academic year. If your self-certificate has been rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of this in your College student email account, so you are advised to check this within a week if you have submitted a certificate.

Here’s some information about how to submit a self-certificate online: Portal_SelfCert_User_Guide_Ver2(1)



is a weekly allowance and is only paid for full weeks within term time.

can only be paid where the student has achieved 100% weekly attendance.
payments are made on a fortnightly basis and are paid directly to the student’s bank account.
payments are not made during the short term-time holiday periods (ie October Week, Christmas, Spring/Easter
travel is paid four-weekly from Bursary on a separate payment schedule (see Bursary payment schedule below)

Conditions of EMA award can be found here: Conditions of Award 16/17
EMA Payment Dates



Bursary will only be paid where, in the four week reporting period, the student has achieved satisfactory levels of

attendance (100%)

Bursaries may not be paid for the short holiday weeks (October week, Christmas, Spring/Easter) but are paid pro-rata over 42 weeks for standard courses.
Students attending courses of 42 weeks (36 course weeks + 6 short holiday weeks) will normally receive 11 instalments (10 x 4 weeks plus 1 x 2 weeks)

Bursary conditions of award can be found here: Conditions of Award 16/17
BURSARY Payment Dates



Both childcare and discretionary fund payments may be withheld if attendance is not satisfactory.