Renewable Energy Awareness

Renewable Energy Awareness

Course Outline

The course material is designed to provide individuals with a base level of knowledge in the principles and capabilities of various renewable energy products and systems  and provides an introductory level of knowledge regarding the principles of operation, what each system is capable of, potential costs and payback periods..  The training material will serve both as a means of learning, as well as a tool of reference for future use.

Module 1 – Introduction to renewable energy
Module 2 – Solar thermal water heating
Module 3 – Biomass heating systems
Module 4 – Heat pumps
Module 5 – Wind power
Module 6 – Photo-voltaics
Module 7 – Micro-hydro power

The course is designed to be run as a series of 7 x 2 hour modules. These can be run as evening classes, weekend workshops or as a two day block

Awards:  BPEC Certificate
SCQF Level 5