HND Counselling (subject to approval)

HND Counselling (subject to approval)


This course builds on knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the theory and professional practice of counselling. Developed in partnership with BACP, successful completion may lead to eligibility to apply for membership to the professional voluntary register via BACP Certificate of Proficiency.

• Values and principles of practice
• Self evaluation for counsellors
• Supervised practice
• Personal development in a counselling skills setting
• Research skills
• Contemporary humanistic counselling theory
• Psychopathology
• Professional standards
• Graded unit
• BACP Certificate of Proficiency

The course requires attendance of two –two and a half days per week combined with two days per week in supervised practice and one day of self-directed study.

The course will be delivered by practising, experienced registered counsellors. A broad range of assessment methods will be implemented including case studies, essays, reflective accounts and closed book examination.

Candidates are required to gain Student Membership of BACP prior to entering into practice and be covered by an appropriate Indemnity Insurance policy. Personal therapy is recommended but not a mandatory requirement for candidates. Candidates must attend a minimum of 400 taught hours to be eligible for progressing to BACP COP.


Applicants must have successfully passed HNC Counselling. In addition they must demonstrate the potential for developing the following:

• Self-awareness, maturity and stability
• Ability to make use of and reflect upon life experience
• Capacity to cope with the emotional demands of the course
• Ability to cope with the intellectual and academic requirement
• Ability to form a helping relationship
• Ability to be self-critical and use both positive and negative feedback
• Awareness of the nature of prejudice and oppression
• Awareness of issues of difference and equality
• Ability to recognise the need for personal and professional support
• Competence in, or the aptitude to develop generic professional skills, including: literacy, numeracy, information technology, administrative skills, self-management skills, communication and interpersonal skills

Selection Process information
Selection is by online application and those considered suitable after reviewing their qualifications, experience and personal statement will be invited to a structured interview with the staff team.


Successful students may progress to BACP COP exam