Assessment Appeals

Students are advised to read the Guidelines on Honesty and Integrity in Assessment

1     Examinations Policy

Subject to the regulations of the particular examining body, a Head of Faculty shall have the power to decide whether a candidate who had failed in any examination shall be permitted to:

a     be presented for re-examination without further class attendance

b     proceed to the next year of the course pending the completion of examination commitments at a future diet

c     repeat the stage of the course (or part thereof) before proceeding to re- examination/ re-assessment.

2    Student Assessment Appeals Policy

2.1  Right of Appeal

All Students have the right to appeal the outcome of an assessment.

2.2  Induction Information

All Students are informed of the procedure regarding appeal during induction. This information is also available in the Student Diary and on the College website.

2.3 Grounds for Appeal

a If the Student is dissatisfied with the result of an assessment b If the Student is dissatisfied with the re-assessment opportunities offered c If the Student is dissatisfied with the time allowed for the assessment d If the Student’s assessment performance has been affected by ill health. In this case, the appeal must be supported by a medical certificate.

2.4  Appeal Stages

This appeal procedure should only be initiated after an unsuccessful initial enquiry to the class Assessor.


1st               Curriculum Manager

2nd              Associate Principal

3rd               Assessment Appeals Board (sub-committee of Academic Board)
                    Letter to be sent by student to Principal


  1. No person who has been involved in an assessment enquiry/ appeal at one stage should adjudicate within the appeals stage, for the same complaint, at higher level.
  2. At each stage of appeal, appropriate consultation must take place with  the internal moderator or with other subject specialists.

3  Student Assessment Appeals Procedure

3.1  A dissatisfied student must, before instigating the appeals procedure and within seven days of receiving the assessment, inform the class lecturer of their dissatisfaction.  The lecturer should consider the student’s performance, discuss with another appropriate lecturer and inform the student of the outcome of the enquiry by/at the following meeting of the class.

3.2  If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the enquiry or any stage of the appeal and wishes to continue their right of appeal he/she must indicate this to the appropriate person (as above) within three working days of receiving the previous result.  A meeting to hear the appeal will then be arranged within seven days.

Assessment Honesty & Integrity

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