Part-time Day & Evening Classes

All courses are offered subject to there being places available and sufficient numbers wishing to undertake the programme

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Part-time Day Classes

There may be opportunities to infill across a range of full-time courses. In all cases, part-time study of this nature is by negotiation and subject to there being sufficient spaces available after full-time students enrol in August/September.

Evening Classes

Places on most part-time courses are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your place on an evening course can only be booked by completing the advance enrolment form and paying the course fee.  A separate advance enrolment form must be completed for each course.  These forms will be available from the Advice Centre or by contacting Admissions at the end of May.

Courses with Entry Requirements

All part-time day and evening courses with entry requirements will have separate interview dates arranged through Admissions and an application form should be completed for these courses marked * on the list below.   You can apply online using the online application form.  Payment and booking for these courses can only be made after you have received an acceptance letter.




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